A big hobby of mine is carracing (watching the races to be clear). I try to go regularly to races on the circuit here in Zandvoort and below you'll find some pictures i took there (click on the pictures to find the regular sized photos).


Waisting tyres         Result of waisting tyres

These two were taken during the training for the
Saxo races at the Marlboro masters 98
Driver is Julia Samuel a Dutch TV hostess


Old F1 car

Oldtimer (F1 car)
Marlboro Master 98


Porche Ferrai Challenge  Sierra Cup  Auto Trader

Porche-Ferrari Challenge               Sierra Cup                              AutoTrader Dutch
All taken during 1997


Next pictures are from the final races of the 1998 season on Zandvoort on 3th of October 1998.


   finmeg21_small.jpg (4093 bytes)  

Renault Megane trophy is always exciting

 first part of skip   second part   last part

I do have to buy a zoom-lens for these kind of fotos


3 can go through the corner   David and Goliath   Allard Kalf

Auto Trader Dutch was an exciting race as well


Next year the racetrack of Zandvoort will be extented to about 4200 Mtr and they will use parts of the old circuit for that so more opportunities for taking exciting pictures. On this track they used to held F1 races as well so who knows with the new track they might return, let's hope so.

The new track is ready and during the Marlboro Master of 1999 I had a great day on the circuit so see for your self.

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1998: Jeroen promo
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