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Car racing


Lonely Planet . The thorn tree on this site is a must see, like a bulletin board for leaving messages and answers per region.
http://www.roughguides.com/ is ofcourse there main competitor. I heard all their books come online but sofar I miss decent info about hotels and so on.
Peru explorer
Peruvian newspaper El Commercio  (Spanish only)
Actual weather throughout the world
World Travel Guide is a all-round travelsite with some nice links too
City.net something like that
Microsoft's  expedia Although I have to admit their "full-circle" archive is nice and original
Which shots and pills for exotic journeys
http://www.intmed.mcw.edu/travel.html another medical site.
On line plane reservations or making plans how to fly, see travelocity.
Another one based on Amadeus is www.sys1.com
Another one in that categorie is http:/www.travelweb.com/
www.airlines.com has a great overview about all airlinecompanies
South American Explorers Club is a society represented in most countries in South America and supports travelers with advice and actual info about the countries.
Internet Travel Informatation Service for budget travelers
Hotels all around the globe: www.hotelbook.com
Great page about Larium, major drug against malaria but with some important side-effects, great links about health and travelling on this site too
Scientific background about the phenomenon El nino can be found at www.pmel.noaa.gov/toga-tao/el-nino/forecasts.html
http://www.klm.nl/holland/ where you'll find the offers from the KLM
http://www.ktmb.com.my/ nice site about the railroads in Malaysia.
http://www.ns.nl/ Dutch railroads, I wish everything about the railroads is as good as their site
http://shaw.iol.ie/~discover/ has lots of info about Ireland
http://www.aerolineas.com.ar/ is the biggest and most famous airline of Argentina
http://www.lapa.com.ar/ is a nice second one
http://www.australis.com/ is the only who organizes boat trips in the south of Argentina
http://www.mal-dives.com/ is a nice and complete site about the maldives and links to most other relevant sites
http://www.iaf.nl/Users/janpoel/index.html has a in depth story about the Dutch history on Sri Lanka
http://www.globas.nl the organization where I booked the trip to Sri Lanka and the Maldives


Pages like mine

http://www.ala-laary.com/about/index.htm has some great stories about travelling in South East Asia
Places of Peace and Power. is an interesting  site with the story and pictures of somebody who's doing a pilgrimage to sacred sites like for example Machu Pichu. Not really travel-orientated but more to the why and how of these sites and his experiences but worthwile to read.
http://www.edouard.com/travel/index.html is a nice one also  
http://www.aboutmytravel.com/ is a collection of all kind of stories
http://www.travelsinireland.com/ is a collection travelogues about Ireland
http://travelhog.net An amazing collection of stories (including mine). Haven't found time to read them but sure am going to
http://www.TravelsInIreland.com An amazing collection of stories. Haven't found time to read them but sure am going to


www.vrolijk.com leon's very original site. Special attention for the dating service and postcard delivery
www.goto.fr for playing backgammon against the whole world. No browser needed only 1.6 Mb download
http://www.netcafeguide.com gives you a list of internet cafes around the globe and has an impressive interface
http://www.gmsmuc.de/ has some nice online dictionaries
www.vpro.nl A dutch broadcasting company with their online radiostation and cinema service. Very impressive.

Car racing

racetrack of Zandvoort is a few 100 mtrs away from my home
Jos Verstappen (Dutch F1 driver) has some fans in Holland too
Tyrell is the team Jos has been driving with
My favorite color is red
Indy-cars or cart is a lot spectacular than F1
Or nascar, another great American form of car racing
http://www.fanscanrace.com/ nice site about a nascar team where fans can actually join the team during races. Unfortunately not for Europeans.
http://www.speedworld.net/ another site about nascar
http://www.f1today.com all about Formula 1



Circus for gambling machines and films
Restaurants in Zandvoort
bar (restaurant) Neuf
http://www.slotemakers.nl/ for anti-skid courses
http://www.telebyte.nl/bioscoop/nederland/zandvoort.html gives you the program of the only cinema in town
http://www.zfmzandvoort.demon.nl/zfm.htm  is the only radiostation from Zandvoort
http://www.zandvoort.net/ for all info about zandvoort



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