Marlboro Masters 1999

This race is (for now) the most important one of the year at the circuit of Zandvoort. This Formula 3 race is a prestigious one where each driver is invited as representative of different competitions.


Number 23 is getting it   It's going   Get out

Nr 19, Gianluca Calcagni is definitely in the way and goes off in the 1st lap


A few laps further the next one had to get out as well.

  Next one    You're out also  Busy here

Nr 36. Robert Lechner is the next one to get off in the thirth lap

This race was won eventually by Marc Hynes from England. Besides formula 3 several other races were held. The following pictures are from the DTCC (Dutch Trader Championship)

  Nr 7 is trying really hard  Still trying   This was too much

Nr 7, Tim Coronel in the BMW had a tough race

Different kind of cars were supersports cars. These cars have so much power they have trouble staying at the track.

Too much power  He could continue after this spin   

This car, nr 36 was driven by Kent Abrahamsson

Hopefully next Marlboro Masters will be just exciting as this edition.


Last changed: 21-08-99

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