Welcome to my travelogues about Peru, Thailand, Ireland,
Argentina, Sri Lanka and the Maldives

Travelogues to Peru (Inca Trail, Cuzco Puno Arequipa Machu Picchu), Thailand ( Bangkok Chiang Mai Mae Hong Son Kanchanaburi Koh Tao), Ireland, Argentina (Buenos Aires Salta Iguazu Puerto Moreno,El Calafate, Perito Moreno, Puerto Madryn, Valdez, ) Sri Lanka ( Negombo,Dambula,Sigiraya,Nuwara Elliya, Nuwara-Elliya, Galle, Hikkaduwa, Male ) and the Malidives.

Traveling and enjoying other cultures is one of biggest hobbies so I made my main subject of this site traveling. You'll find stories of my trips with the intention to provide experiences and information because not everything is in books like Lonely Planet. 

I'm working in the IT-business and I like to spend some time on things not so much related to my work so that the why of this site.One of the latest projects is the family genealogy which you find also on this site. At this time the family gets most of the time. When the kids grow up we want to continue travelling again. 

Machu Picchu         Perito moreno  

                      Machu Picchu        Bridge over the river Kwai     Perito Moreno    Elephant orphanage                  


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