Who am I:

Jeroen van Sluisdam is my name      me
Born: 25-03-67, so now you know when to send birthday cards or congratulations by e-mail
Residency: no seaside anymore but a nice house very close to the beach in Zandvoort,a little town about 20 Km from Amsterdam, Holland


What did I do so far:

Computer science on a polytechnics school in the Hague, finished that in 91
From 91 until 95 I worked for a small software company, called Sira that send me to work for Heineken, the brewery. I worked on office systems and sales systems.
Since 95 I work for a tour operator called Vrij Uit and there I am responsible for developing and maintenance to the reservations system
From december 98 until december 1999 I worked for another software company called Redwood. I did one major project for a German customer, a publishing company called PSB. 
Since the 1th of january 2000 I'm back at Vrij Uit and I'm now working as a technical teamleader. In 2000 I designed and developed a new web-based reservation-system.


Favorite TV-shows: 

The X-files
Melrose Place
Jiskefet, Dutch satiric program
Lonely Planet
Top Gear
Wondere Wereld van Boudewijn Büch, Dutch travel program

Favorite Films:

The silcene of the lambs
Rain men
Leaving las Vegas
9 1/2 weeks
Gorilla's in the Mist
The crying game

Favorite books:

Celestine prophecy: James Redfield
The grapes of wrath: John Steinbeck
The pillars of the earth: Ken Follet



Car racing     TN00607A.gif (1499 bytes)
Mountain biking
traveling and there is enough on this site


Reactions, proposals for blind-dates will not be fullfilled anymore because I have a very nice girlfriend nowadays and we are married now,  any reaction, comment on these pages, please mail me at:


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